Are You Being Overlooked At Work?


One of our Senior Studio Photographers Patrick Carney explores the importance of a high quality business portrait.


Research conducted last year (2016) showed that having a high quality portrait on your profile or website made it 14 times more likely to be viewed by others. This statistic alone shows that, despite often being regarded as unnecessary by some, quality professional photography is vitally important for businessmen and woman.

About Patrick Carney…

Photographer Patrick Carney

Having worked in award winning studios across the world, Patrick has developed his photographic talents over a wide cultural scope.

Born in England in the early nineties, Patrick brings a modern and fresh look to photography while incorporating a classical style to his work after being heavily influenced by the masters of art and photography.

Always wanting to expand his horizons, he relocated to the UAE and has been based here for the past 4 years. Despite his young age, Patrick has demonstrated his great discretion, professionalism and talent, and has built up a high profile client list working with individuals and companies alike, such as Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Rixos Hotels, Jumeirah Group, Dubai Government, Abu Dhabi Investment Council, Al Ain Zoo and many others.

After working in Europe, the Americas, the Far East and the Middle East, Patrick has shown talent adapting his style and producing beautiful art through his camera lens, whether it be fashion, portraiture or commercial photography.



Man White Shirt Black Tie

“This is what we’re taught from a young age and it’s a nice way of showing a willful optimism. The truth, however, is that first impressions count and when a prospective client clicks on to your profile that first impression is made on your portrait – so it had better be a good one.

Your profile picture isn’t just a picture, but a representation of you, your personality and your business. Whether you’re looking stern and serious or happy and relaxed – your portrait is the first glimpse your fellow industry professionals have of your character.

Businessman In Suit No Tie

What advice do you have for people that are looking to have a shoot taken?

The world is getting faster and faster. People don’t have time go through a mountain of résumés. Lets take LinkedIn as an example – it has over 500 million users. The human brain processes a picture 60,000 times faster than it reads words and 90% of the information the brain processes is visual. This means that you can have the best résumé in the world but unless you have the portrait to match there’s a very high chance an employer wont even read it.

Furthermore a professional portrait will show that you yourself are a professional. You want your clients to have that piece of mind that they’re in safe hands – that you can be trusted. What does it say to a client if your business portrait looks like it was taken on iPhone after a rather boisterous weekend? It says you don’t care and that you aren’t prepared to make the effort.

Businesswoman In Black

But what exactly should you wear? How should you stand? Should you sit? Couldn’t you just do it yourself in front of a white wall? Well, unless you’re going for the classic ‘prison mugshot’ look, I’d advise against the latter. A lot of it depends on the industry you work in and of course, your own unique style.

Man In Suit In Photo Studio
Businessman In Suit
Businesswoman Flowery Background

Colour effects are often overlooked – or used incorrectly. Using colour to display your personality and establishing the mood is a fundamental element in photography. Take black – it’s simple, classic and timeless, but it’s also the colour of authority and power. Green, while probably not being the first colour to mind, is the easiest colour on the eye and portrays a refreshing and calming aura.

Similarly, blue is tranquil and causes the body to produce the chemical Serotonin, which is responsible for lifting your mood.The great thing about going to a photography studio is that they can use their expert lighting skills to find you the most flattering look, the photographer can coach you in posing to show you as approachable and friendly, but professional and trustworthy.”


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